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How many times have you been told to eat less and exercise more? To make half your grains whole and drink your milk? This blanket advice that runs rampant in our society simply doesn't cut it. Each and every human being is unique, which is why no two people should be fed the same health advice. What works well for one individual's physiology may have the opposite affect on someone else. Everyone responds differently to different foods, forms of exercise, life stressors, and environmental toxins. It's time to FORGET THE SCRIPT and work with someone who will give you the time and attention you deserve to determine exactly what helps YOU achieve your highest health. 

To me, good health means not only the absence of disease, but an all-encompassing sense of thriving, both physiologically and psychologically. I practice health coaching from a functional medicine approach by using food as medicine and harnessing the power of the diet and lifestyle to create optimal wellbeing. I don't just work to silence the symptoms you are suffering from, I look to find the cause of the problem and address it from the root. 

My approach to wellness involves making improvements to the diet, establishing a consistent and sustainable exercise routine, achieving healthy sleep patterns, eliminating toxins from your environment, and finding healthy ways to deal with and manage stress. By creating these healthy behavior changes, you will start to see improvements in gut and digestive health, hormonal balance, energy levels, emotional health, and mental clarity. 

Check out my blog to read more about my approach to health!

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