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Aside from being raised in a health conscious family, what first piqued my interest in nutrition science was my high school job working at a health food store. It was here I started reading books about how what you eat affects your health, and learning about different nutritional supplements. I always found it concerning how quick people were to  jump on the wagon and buy into the latest trend - popping raspberry ketones, eating tablespoons full of coconut oil, or dropping concentrated seaweed extract beneath their tongue. You name the trendy new product, we sold it.


The more people I saw blindly seeking out the next magic pill, the more I wanted to expand my knowledge in the field of nutrition. And the more I learned about it, the more I fell in love with it. There were clearly lots people out there suffering, and witnessing this firsthand on a day to day basis instilled a deep passion within me to help sort out all of the confusing, conflicting health advice flying around.


After getting accepted into the University of Vermont, studying nutrition naturally felt like the next step. As I spent the next 4 years pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics, Nutrition, and Food Science, I learned about anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, and nutrition education and counseling techniques. I feel very fortunate to have such a robust scientific background behind my practice, unlike many self-proclaimed nutritionists out there.


Upon graduating from the University of Vermont, I began my dietetic internship through the Sage Colleges. Throughout this 10 month program, I worked in various fields of nutrition including:

  • Corporate wellness

  • Long term care

  • Acute care (cardiac, renal, diabetes, oncology, gastroenterology)

  • Outpatient care (eating disorders, weight management)

  • Food service management


After finishing my dietetic internship, I began my career in corporate wellness. Craving more intimate patient interaction, I then switched  jobs and started working as the nutritionist at a private practice. Through all of my various experiences in the field of nutrition and dietetics, my favorite aspect, through and through, has been working one on one with individuals to help them achieve their goals. I am now thrilled to have a practice to call my own where I can focus my energy on exactly that.

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